Jul 8, 2011

In addition to a redesign of the TGA website and the latest fee schedule, there are some exciting new developments in the effort to form a unified regulatory system between Australia and New Zealand.

Redesigned TGA Website

In May of this year, the TGA rolled out a redesigned website. Although most of the content and navigation is the same, some URLs were changed in the redesign and users familiar with the older website will find that many links and bookmarks to the site are no longer valid.

The TGA has published a navigation guide and old-to-new site map to assist users in the transition. Please click here to see it.

We prefer a simple Google site search to locate new URLs, however. For example, simply visit Google and enter the search phrase “site:www.tga.gov.au argmd” in the search box to find the ARGMD guidance document.

ANZTPA Back on Track

The initiative to create a joint, unified regulatory system between Australia and New Zealand—the Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Agency (ANZTPA) —is back on track after being shelved in 2007 because of disagreement on certain issues.

Full implementation of ANZTPA is scheduled to take place around 2016, with the phase-in of various elements of the plan over the next five years.

As of the return to the project, the two regulatory agencies have begun sharing information, resources, and working towards the next steps in the process. Eventually, the ANZTPA is planned to absorb and replace the two separate agencies with a single regulatory system and point of contact for industry.


  • Stewart Eisenhart