Alexandre Petiard


Senior Consultant, Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Alexandre Pétiard has 10 years of medical device industry experience, including high-risk submissions with implantable devices in various fields such as hernia repair, orthopedic, neurosurgery, and dental. Alexandre’s background includes 510(k) clearances; 20+ EU technical Files/Design Dossiers; 20+ Clinical Evaluation Reports; 20+ Risk Management Files; 2+ years of Vigilance and Recall management; 3+ years of experience conducting audits; MDR Gap Audits and Assessments; 10+ years of Global Regulatory Strategy and extensive regulatory research. As a Senior Consultant, Alexandre has managed more than 150 projects for primarily European and US clients. Prior to Emergo by UL, Alexandre held RA positions at Alcis, Integra, and Covidien.