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Webinar - GDPR and its impact on human factors studies
Europe | 의료기기

Webinar: GDPR and its impact on Human Factors studies

In this webinar, we discuss GDPR compliance considerations for human factors professionals.

1.5 hours
Feb 19, 2019
Map of Europe where CE Mark is required

CE 마킹을 요건으로 하는 유럽 국가

CE 마킹을 요건으로 하는 유럽 국가

1 web page
May 4, 2016
KSA webinar January 2019
Saudi Arabia | 의료기기

지금 등록하세요: 사우디아라비아의 의료기기 등록 요건

Jan 2, 2019
Wireless module medical device compliance webinar
United States | 의료기기

Webinar: Wireless module compliance for medical devices: what you need to know

In this webinar, wireless compliance experts at UL provide an in-depth look at modular approval requirements so you can determine the best compliance strategy for your product.

1 hour
Mar 12, 2019
Emergo webinar - medical device design controls January 2019
Worldwide | 의료기기

WATCH NOW: Risk Management and Design Controls for Medical Devices

1 hour
Dec 17, 2018