MDCO - Hong Kong Medical Device Control Office

The Medical Device Control Office (MDCO) is the department in charge of regulating medical devices (within the Department of Health) in Hong Kong. It was established in July 2004 to create a cost-effective regulation on the supply and use of medical devices that respects the standards recommended by the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF). The MDCO's mission is to ensure the people of Hong Kong have access to safe, efficient medical devices.

To ease transition to a long-term statutory control, the Medical Device Control Office setup the Medical Device Administrative Control System. This is a system where manufacturers and importers can list their medical devices with the Department of Health and also functions as a system for reporting adverse incidents. While the listing of medical devices in the system is voluntary, the Hong Kong government has plans to make the Medical Device Administrative Control System mandatory in the future.

A list of MDCO regulations can be found here on our website.

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