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This video about Singapore's medical device market gives an overview of the regulatory framework and registration process now

Video | 4 minutes

Learn about medical device regulations in Singapore, including classification, registration routes, submission requirements, and

White Paper | 7 pages

This chart illustrates the steps in Singapore's HSA medical device approval process and includes a timeline of expected

Process Chart | 2 pages

Thinking about entering the Singapore market for the first time? Understanding the HSA regulatory requirements can be overwhelming and confusing. We assembled a packet that includes the basic information you need before deciding to enter this market.view all

Market Data | 1 page

Interested in selling your medical device or IVD in Singapore? Emergo offers a wide range of regulatory, representation, QA and other services for companies looking to enter this market.view all

Service Overview | Varies

A comprehensive list of medical device regulations in Singapore with links to the original documents.view all

Device Regulation | Downloadable PDFs

Learn about the regulatory structure in Singapore and major medical device regulations.view all

Market Data | 1 page

Read by 50,000+ device professionals worldwide. Stay updated on changes to global medical device regulations.view all