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List of Registrars Recognized by Health Canada
The following Registrars are authorized by Health Canada to issue quality management system certificates for: CAN /CSA ISO 13485:2003 ISO 13485:2003
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NMPA - National Medical Products Administration
The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) is the Chinese agency for regulating drugs and medical devices (formerly the China Food and Drug
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Get smart about China in 1 hour
If you are thinking about entering the Chinese market for the first time, trying to understand the CFDA regulatory requirements can be overwhelming.
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CHINA – Overview of medical device industry and healthcare statistics
Below you will find basic demographic and healthcare market data on China, plus specific information about the medical device and healthcare
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Costa Rica Ministry of Health Overview
The Costa Rican Ministry of Health is responsible for regulating the healthcare industry in Costa Rica. It also acts as the regulatory agency for
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EU MDR Readiness Checklist
EU MDR Readiness Assessment Checklist
How prepared is your company for compliance to the European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR)? Medical device CE Marking requirements will change
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AEMPS - Spanish Agency of Medicine and Sanitary Products
The Spanish Agency for Medicine and Health Products (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios or AEMPS) is the regulatory agency that
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UK – Overview of medical device industry and healthcare statistics
Below you will find basic demographic and economic data for the United Kingdom (UK), plus specific information about the country's medical device and
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Swissmedic - Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products
Swissmedic is the regulatory agency responsible for authorizing and supervising therapeutic products in Switzerland. Based in Bern, the agency
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