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Resource Library for Medical Device Professionals

Resource Library for Medical Device Professionals

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica Ministry of Health Overview

Learn about the regulatory structure in Costa Rica and major medical device regulations.


Medical Device Consulting Services for Egypt

Interested in selling your medical device or IVD in Egypt? Emergo offers a wide range of regulatory, representation, QA and other services for companies looking to enter this market.

Learn about the Egyptian regulations which apply to medical devices

Egypt Medical Device Regulations

A comprehensive list of medical device regulations in Egypt with links to the original documents.


How ISO 13485:2016 Impacts Medical Device Companies

ISO 13485:2016 provides an international QMS standard and introduces notable changes, particularly in the area of risk management.


Understanding Europe's New IVDR 2017/746

Europe's new IVDR 2017/746 will bring significant regulatory changes for IVD manufacturers selling in Europe.

This chart illustrates CE Marking for medical devices under Europe's MDR.

Europe Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) CE Marking Regulatory Process

This chart illustrates steps to CE Marking in Europe's Medical Devices Regulation (MDR 2017/745) approval process.

Register for our free webinar on Transitioning to ISO 13485:2016

WATCH NOW - What You Need To Know about ISO 13485:2016

In this recorded webinar we cover the major changes that have been made and tell you what needs to be done before you seek recertification by your Notified Body.

Register: Eudamed Webinar July 2018
Europe | In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices, | Medical Devices

WATCH NOW: Eudamed Requirements under the EU MDR and IVDR

In this one-hour webinar, Ronald Boumans discusses the role of Eudamed in MDR/IVDR compliance.

Emergo MDR webinar October 2017

WATCH NOW: The new European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR 2017/745)

In this webinar, we outline the most important MDR changes you need to know.

Europe | Medical Devices

Understanding Europe's New Medical Device Regulation - MDR 2017/745

Europe's new Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) will bring substantial changes to the medical device industry. How will this affect your company?

Register for our free webinar on choosing or changing your EU Notified Body

WATCH NOW: How to Select or Change Your EU Notified Body

In this recorded webinar we will tell you how to deal with the issue of transitioning to another Notified Body and/or how to evaluate your options in establishing a new relationship.

Download the Chart on the Medical Device Approval Process in Europe
Europe | Medical Devices

Europe CE Marking Regulatory Process for Medical Devices

This chart illustrates the steps in Europe's medical device approval process and includes a timeline of expected approval.

Download the Chart on the IVD Approval Process in Europe

European IVD Regulatory Approval Process

This chart illustrates the steps in Europe's IVD approval process and includes a timeline of expected approval.

Register for our webinar: Post Market Surveillance & PMCF under the European MDR

WATCH NOW: PMS & PMCF under the European MDR

Europe's new Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) adds to the complexity of complying with specific PMS and post-market clinical follow-up (PMCF) requirements. In this free webinar, we discuss new European PMS and PMCF requirements.


ISO 13485:2016: Six Key Differences for Medical Device Companies

This short video covers the 6 biggest changes in the new ISO 13485:2016.


Preparing a European CE Technical File for a Medical Device

Take a deep dive into the key elements of an EU Technical File, including preparation, formatting, and common elements.

Europe | Medical Devices

ISO 14971 Medical Device and IVD Risk/Benefit Analysis

This white paper explores risk management procedures and protocols required to comply with ISO 14971.

Watch our recent webinar on the European In Vitro Diagnostic Devices Regulation

WATCH NOW: Europe's New IVDR 2017/746

Within the next few years, the regulatory landscape will change dramatically for IVD companies selling in Europe. IVDR 2017/745 will be an entirely new classification scheme for IVDS, and places far more emphasis on clinical data and risk management

14971 risk management webinar
Europe | Medical Devices

WATCH NOW: Risk Management according to EN ISO 14971:2012

This free recorded webinar is about risk management for medical device companies according to EN ISO 14971:2012.


Implementing a Medical Device Post-Market Surveillance Program

Post-market surveillance is a regulatory requirement the US and Europe and helps you ensure your device's safety and effectiveness.


Regulations for Companion Diagnostics in the US and EU

In this paper, we answer your biggest questions about the obstacles and opportunities of marketing companion diagnostics in the US and Europe.


Introduction to Clinical Evaluation Reports (CER) for Europe

This video explores CERs, including what they are, why you need one, the research process, and contents and formatting.


What To Expect From Your Regulatory Representative

Are you planning to export your device to other medical device markets? Most countries require you to have a physical presence in that market. If you do not have an office there, you can appoint an independent representative to meet this need.

Conducting a medical device PMCF webinar
Europe | Medical Devices

WATCH NOW: Conducting a Medical Device PMCF Study

In this webinar, you'll learn what it takes to conduct a compliant Post-Market Clinical Follow-up study for your medical device.

Learn about the European Directives and Regulations which apply to medical devices

Medical Device Regulations in Europe

A comprehensive list of medical device regulations in Europe with links to the original documents.


CE Marking Conformity Assessment for Medical Devices

Your conformity assessment route has implications for your business you might not expect. How do you know which route is best for you?


ISO 13485:2016 and the new Risk-based Approach

This white paper provides an overview of new risk requirements and considerations for devices companies under the new standard.


Introduction to ISO 13485 compliance for Europe

In this video, learn more about the background of EN ISO 13485, and the steps you can take to obtain ISO 13485 certification in Europe.


Introduction to European CE Marking for medical devices

This video about provides an overview of the regulatory framework and registration process basics for devices.


Classification Borderline: What Constitutes a Medical Device?

How do you classify a product that fits the definition of two or more product types? This paper explains borderline classification in the EU.


Germany – Overview of medical device industry and healthcare statistics

A brief look at Germany's medical device market, including potential opportunities and obstacles for manufacturers.

Europe | Medical Devices

Medical Device Labeling, Standards and Symbols

Learn about the standards, requirements, and benefits of medical device labeling and symbols. Includes a list of common symbols and meanings.


Clinical Investigational Studies in Europe

This white paper discusses the European clinical investigation requirements and how to know when you're ready for this important step.