Mar 13, 2009

New requirements - electrical medical devices sold into Ontario Canada

Effective April 1, 2009 manufacturers of electrical medical devices and manufacturers of electrical components that...
Dec 8, 2010

HC Sets Compliance Deadlines for Revised Software Requirements

Software manufacturers whose products fall under Health Canada’s medical device classification system have until February or September 2011 to comply with new requirements set forth by the regulator.
Dec 13, 2010

HC Makes Some Allowances for Paperless Medical Device Labeling

Health Canada has issued a new interpretation of Canada’s
Mar 4, 2011

GHTF Moves to Disband

The Global Harmonization Task Force (GHTF), founded in 1992 to promote uniformity across medical device regulatory regimes, will soon cease to exist
Mar 28, 2011

Health Canada Moving to Flat-Fee Structure April 1st

Citing rising costs of performing medical device and pharmaceutical regulatory activities in Canada, Health Canada has announced user fee increases—some of them substantial—for medical device license
Jul 25, 2011

New Guidance from Health Canada on Medical Device License Renewal

Health Canada has published new guidance for manufacturers of Class II, III and IV medical dev
Apr 16, 2012

Health Canada Amends Lists of Medical Device Standards

Health Canada has announced changes to its list of recognized list of medical device
Oct 10, 2016

Santé Canada souhaite changer la classification des désinfectants et stérilisants destinés aux instruments médicaux

SYNTHÈSE PAR EMERGO DES POINTS PRINCIPAUX : Santé Canada a l'intention de modifier la classification...