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European Union

Overview of new medical device regulations in Europe

The long awaited proposed Regulations for medical devices (and active implantable medical devices) and IVDs were released by the EU Commission with significant fanfare on 26 September 2012. The weaknesses cited in the Executive Summary/Impact Assessment of the EU regulatory system, were not a shock. The MDEG report (2002) had identified these as areas of concern. In reviewing the changes it became apparent to us there are several themes in the proposed legislation: Oversight of Notified Bodies, Post-market safety, Transparency and traceability, access to external expertise and management of the regulatory system. The impact of the PIP scandal was apparent.

BVMed Annual Report: Healthy Returns, but Stronger Regulatory Support for Innovation Needed

In its latest annual report, German medical device industry trade group BVMed (Bundesverband Medezintechnologie) stakes out the group’s positions on German health policy, financing issues and medical device legislation, and also provides results of BVMed’s annual membership survey.