Brazil's medical device regulatory update

June 24, 2021 | 9am CDT

In recent years, ANVISA released numerous regulatory updates to make Brazil a more accessible medical device market. Currently, the medical device industry has more transparency about the requirements for selling in Brazil. Medical device companies can expect several new regulations in the coming years, including new registration requirements. In this free webinar, we will examine current medical device registration requirements in Brazil and the future regulatory changes for medical devices.


• Overview of recent regulatory changes and current ANVISA registration requirements for medical devices
• New INMETRO compliance rules and deadlines 
• COVID-19 registrations and status
• ANVISA review timelines and expedited registration routes
• Overview of future regulatory changes

June 24, 2021


  • Luiz Levy
    Luiz Levy, RAC
    Operations, Quality Affairs Manager (Latin America)

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    Priscila Sanada
    Priscila Sanada
    Consulting Manager, Regulatory Affairs (Latin America)

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