Jun 13, 2011

The Japan Federation of Medical Device Associations (JFMDA) and the Medical Engineering Technology Industrial Strategy consortium (METIS), Japan’s two largest medical device and technology trade associations, have jointly advocated that their government establish an Asian medical technology community in order to maintain Japanese regional competitiveness, according to the blog Medtechinsider.com.

The two groups have also called for greater collaboration between industry, governmental and academic entities to improve medical technology market research in countries such as China and India; shorter review times by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) in Japan as well as more standardized device review systems throughout Asia; greater funding for joint clinical trial endeavors between Japan and other Asian countries; and reduced trade barriers throughout the continent.

The JMDAS and METIS have advanced these arguments following the Japanese government’s formation of a strategic council in early 2011 in order to promote medical device and technology innovation.


  • Stewart Eisenhart