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OPUS™ eLearning - Human Factors Training Software

Develop a strong foundation on key HFE topics or earn a complete course certificate in Applying HFE to Medical Technology. Sign up for courses or earn your course certificates on our HFE software platform, OPUS™ – Optimal Product Usability Suite™.

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Integrate human factors training with medical product development

Are you looking to develop a strong understanding of the HFE process and how HFE fits into medical product development? If so, consider taking our eLearning courses designed to meet your needs. Take a single course, or to earn your certificate in Applying HFE to Medical Technology, take our eight foundation-level courses.

Our courses focus on all the key HFE activities, from user research to use-related risk analysis to usability testing. Completing these courses will help ensure you understand why each HFE activity is required and how to perform it.

In our courses, we share the practical knowledge that our large team of HFE specialists has gained from applying HFE to hundreds of medical products over decades. We draw on this experience to offer authoritative, practical, and enjoyable HFE courses.


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Self-paced digital training

Our eLearning courses are available online, on-demand, enabling you to access on-the-spot education on a specific topic whenever the need arises. You can also re-take a course to refresh your knowledge.

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Engaging real-world examples

Each course is packed with real-world medical examples and stories, which enables you to immediately apply the content to your day-to-day work designing and developing medical technology.

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Benefits of human factors training

Taking one or more of these courses will yield greater confidence in what HFE activities are required by regulators and how these activities contribute to a safer and more usable medical product.



eLearning courses

Human Factors Training Course Catalog

Our eLearning course catalog includes more than fifteen courses that empower you with the perspective and knowledge necessary to apply HFE to the design and development of medical technology.

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Preview: Introduction to Human Factors Engineering

HFE plays an important role in our world keeping users safe and healthy by applying a user-centered design process to the development of products. This introductory course explores that history and specifically how HFE has played a role in the medical device industry.

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Emergo by UL’s new cloud-based human factors engineering (HFE) platform, Optimal Product Usability Suite (OPUS™), leverages training, tools, templates and regulatory guidance to help you stay ahead in your HFE activities.

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