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Medical Device Regulatory Intelligence

Plan your expansion with process charts and FAQs comprising a global knowledge base. Tap into strategic knowledge with RAMS® Regulatory Intelligence.

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Regulatory Intelligence software for medical devices

RAMS provides high-level knowledge of regulatory systems worldwide, allowing your company to strategically plan your next and subsequent steps. Use Regulatory Intelligence to learn how to get on market in other countries.


Visualize your regulatory pathways and timelines with Regulatory Intelligence tools

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Process charts

Process charts provide high-level overviews that are easy to understand and navigate.

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Classify your device

Trace your course from locating your classification to marketing your approved product.

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Navigate regulatory pathways

Browse typical approval timelines and gauge the complexity of different pathways.


Find answers to your questions about new markets with our Regulatory Intelligence database

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Fees and timelines

Read up on the regulatory background and get quick answers on fees and timelines.

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Global regulatory strategy

Frequently asked questions provide an intuitive approach to strategizing your next move.

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Documentation, labeling and testing

Determine your technical documentation and labeling, QMS, and testing needs.


Prepare for success beyond product approvals with our Regulatory Intelligence services

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Registration renewal

This headache-free system for building and maintaining your registration dossier helps you avoid errors and inconsistencies that risk delaying or jeopardizing your market access.

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Import authorizations

Advance through every section with guidance on what each field should contain. The progress bar provides an at-a-glance snapshot of how far along you are.

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Regulatory Intelligence consulting

Key textual components like the product name and indications for use can be recorded as keywords and applied throughout the document to ensure that they remain consistent.



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