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Access OPUS™ and Enhance Your Human Factors Engineering Plan

Purchase individual, team, or enterprise subscriptions to scale your organization’s medical HFE expertise. Purchase a subscription on our HFE software platform, OPUS™ – Optimal Product Usability Suite™.

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An OPUS™ subscription offers human factors engineering training, analysis, and more

We offer a range of annual subscription options to meet the needs of differently-sized teams. Our most popular subscription includes access to all OPUS content. That said, we welcome the opportunity to customize the subscription to include the specific set of features that offers the most value to you and your company.


Enhance human factors engineering processes

Use OPUS to ensure your team has a consistent, high-quality approach to HFE, thereby increasing the likelihood that HFE is applied in a way that aligns with regulatory and commercial imperatives.

Ensure all stakeholders understand human factors engineering

Leverage OPUS to create an organization-wide understanding of why HFE is required for medical products, how to effectively plan for HFE, and how to perform specific HFE activities.

Scale human factors engineering training

Educate your organization about HFE without overburdening your HFE leaders. OPUS subscribers can take training any time the need arises, thereby enabling you to rapidly meet your team’s HFE knowledge requirements without relying as heavily on internal subject matter experts.

Become an expert with human factors engineering training courses

OPUS training empowers non-HFE experts with resources to increase their understanding of fundamental HFE activities for medical products. Similarly, OPUS helps those who already have HFE expertise augment their knowledge and increase the impact of the HFE work through the use of OPUS’ productivity tools and advanced training.

Eliminate guesswork from the human factors engineering process

Feel more confident performing specific HFE activities by leveraging our tools that support project scoping, human factors analysis, and user interface design.


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Emergo by UL’s new cloud-based human factors engineering (HFE) platform, Optimal Product Usability Suite (OPUS™), leverages training, tools, templates and regulatory guidance to help you stay ahead in your HFE activities.

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