Jun 12, 2012

Electronic equipment recycling regulations in place in British Columbia since 2004 now cover some medical devices, as well.

The Recycling Regulation, operated by the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA), entails an industry-managed stewardship program for dealing with electronic waste. As of June 1, 2012, medical device industry participants including manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers also fall under the regulation.

In order to comply, firms must either charge environmental handling fees (EHF) associated with their products to customers, or build those fees into the cost of their devices. Firms must either indicate EHFs on their invoices or provide some other notification of EHF amounts. (Devices sold to remitters should be labeled “EHF exempt.”)

Health Canada-approved medical devices now subject to EHF in British Columbia include radiological image processing systems, echocardiograph equipment, electronic sleep therapy products, incubators and defibrillators. EHFs for devices are determined based on weight, and range from $0.40 for products weighing less than two kilograms to $31.75 for products weighing 50 to 200 kilograms.


  • Stewart Eisenhart