Oct 1, 2013

An indefinite shutdown of the US government due to an effort by the House of Representatives to stymie healthcare reform laws has caused the Food and Drug Administration to severely limit its activities related to new medical device registrations.

According to the Premarket Authorizations (PMA)—until Congress passes a Continuing Resolution to properly fund government agencies. The Obama Administration and the US Senate are requiring a “clean” government funding bill without provisions added by House Republicans to defund or delay implementation of Affordable Care Act; there are no indications yet as to when a political resolution will be reached.

The only functions the FDA is authorized to perform during the shutdown include criminal law enforcement, emergency work pertaining to human safety or property protection, and activities already funded by the 2013 Medical Device User Fee apparatus.

Emergo Group is following this issue closely, and will update readers of any developments as we learn them.

Stewart Eisenhart


  • Stewart Eisenhart