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Dec 14, 2022
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Medical Device Regulatory Requirements - New Japanese Guidelines

Understanding how Japanese regulations apply to your device is a crucial step in navigating this robust Asian market.

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Dec 14, 2022 9:00am CST


10:00am CST



Japan’s medical device market is one of the most robust markets in Asia, but its regulatory system can prove confusing. Before deciding to sell your device in the Japanese market, it is important to understand how the regulations apply, which steps to take, and what resources you’ll require to complete the process.

This presentation reviews some of the most complex aspects of the Japanese registration process, including:

  • JMDN codes – Device classification and predicates.
  • Clinical data requirements and PMDA pre-submission meetings.
  • Registration routes (Todokede, Ninsho, Shonin).
  • QMS (Ordinance 169) requirements.
  • Role of the Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH).


Kenji Yashiro

Kenji Yashiro has more than 20 years of medical device regulatory knowledge, combined with extensive technical experience in device development, manufacturing and quality control. His background includes 40+ medical device registration submissions in Japan, pre-submission consultations with the PMDA, more than 10 years of experience with risk management files compliant with ISO 14971, more than 10 years of regulatory strategy research in Japan, and more than three years managing MAH responsibilities.

Yashiro manages Emergo Japan’s Regulatory Affairs consulting team. In this role, he has peer-reviewed numerous regulatory filings and reports. Prior to Emergo, he held device development, manufacturing and quality control positions in the medical device industry as well as roles in regulatory affairs consulting.