Designing safe and effective instructional materials for medical devices

During the webinar recording, your hosts share insights on how to design a user interface's instructional components to be both efficient and appealing. The webinar covers: 

  • How instructional design principles relate to safe design. 
  • How instructions complement other aspects of the user interface design. 
  • Dealing with different sizes, colors and layouts for printed materials. 
  • Key considerations for effective writing 
  • Working with different media 
  • Use of symbols and illustrations 
  • Top tips for designing instructions 

Webinar attendees can expect useful tips and a greater understanding of how to evaluate or design instructional materials for their devices and systems. 


Jacqueline Edwards

Jacqueline Edwards is a senior user interface designer with Emergo by UL’s Human Factors Research & Design (HFR&D) team. She has been with the team since 2019. Her design contributions aim to improve the usability of various medical products, e.g., by creating injection device manuals, graphical user interfaces for surgical equipment and more. Edwards holds a B.F.A in industrial design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and an M.S. in industrial design from the Eindhoven University of Technology. She is also a part of the Diversity and Inclusion advisory team within HFR&D.

Oliver Cook

Oliver Cook is a user interface designer with Emergo by UL’s Human Factors Research & Design (HFR&D) team. He has been with the team since 2017. He has experience supporting product design, user instructions and user interfaces. Cook has experience in early-stage user research and usability testing. In addition, he helps clients develop key Human Factors Engineering (HFE) documents for their design history files, including use-related risk analyses, and advises clients on how to apply HFE during product development to meet regulators’ expectations.  


This webinar was recorded on July 7, 2022.