Developing Effective Training to Enhance and Support Internal HFE Resources

For years, medical device and pharmaceutical companies have faced a daunting task: to determine what human factors activities are required by regulators, and to ensure their teams are prepared to do the work. Their final approaches have been somewhat improvisational and not always aligned with shifting regulatory expectations, industry standards and state-of-the-art practices. The cost of inadequate HFE is high, causing businesses to grapple with costly re-designs, delays in getting to market and negative impacts to their brand’s reputation.

The presenters will provide tips for training HFE professionals and individuals who need to understand HFE as part of their roles (e.g., project managers, risk management specialists, engineers and regulatory professionals). The presenters will also suggest additional resources that companies can provide to individuals after they receive training to support effective HFE work.

The webinar will also cover a few guiding principles for creating training material that is both engaging and effective. The presenters will describe these principles in the context of teaching people about HFE, but the guidance is valid for a wide variety of training content, including the training that companies might deliver to the end-users of their medical products.

The webinar presentation will include: 

  • The need for improved HFE training 
  • Top learning objectives for HFE training 
  • Guiding principles for developing effective training 
  • Resources that can support continued HFE learning and high-quality HFE work 
  • Resources available from Emergo by UL to support HFE training, including our new software platform, the Optimal Product Usability Suite (OPUS™)



Erin Davis, MS, CHFP, associate research director, Emergo by UL
Erin Davis is an associate research director with Emergo by UL’s Human Factors Research and Design (HFR&D) team. She has a decade of experience delivering HFE services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, scientific instrument and laboratory equipment industries. A board-certified HFE professional, Erin leads and oversees research and analysis activities such as early-stage user research, usability testing and residual risk analysis. Erin teaches workshops on a wide variety of HFE topics and advises on training for HFE professionals. Erin is co-author of two books: “Medical Device Use Error – Root Cause Analysis” and User Interface Requirements for Medical Devices.

This webinar was recorded on April 7, 2022.