CANADA – Overview of medical device industry and healthcare statistics

Below you will find basic demographic and healthcare market data on Canada, plus specific information about the medical device and healthcare industries.

Overview of medical device industry: Canada has one of the largest economies in the world and the eighth largest medical device market. It was valued at US$6.2 billion in 2015 and is projected to grow steadily, but modestly, increasing to approximately US $8.6 billion by 2020.

The Canadian medical device market is sophisticated and mature, with a strong demand for high-quality medical technologies. The majority of medical devices used in the Canadian healthcare system are imported. But, medical device exports are on the rise. Canada is home to a robust manufacturing industry with hubs in Ontario and Quebec.

Opportunities in the Canadian market: Medical device imports account for 80% of the medical device market, so there is plenty of opportunity in Canada for foreign manufacturers. Diagnostic equipment is in greatest demand, as well as patient monitoring equipment, consumables, patient aids, orthopedics/prosthetics, and dental products. The Canadian regulatory process is also well established. Manufacturers with FDA clearance in the US may have an easier time transitioning into the Canadian market.

Industry challenges in Canada: Medical device manufacturers based outside North America will encounter fierce competition from US companies in the Canadian market. The United States controls more than half of the Canadian market mostly due to geographic proximity and similarities in safety and quality standards between the two countries. Exporters from China, Mexico, and Germany also have solid footing in the Canadian market.

How Canada compares to other markets

Population 35,099,836 121,736,809 1,367,485,388
Primary language(s) English, French Spanish Chinese, Mandarin
Total healthcare spending $186 billion $82 billion $574 billion
Healthcare expenditures total (% of GDP) 10.4% 6.3% 5.5%
Healthcare expenditures per capita $5292 (USD) $677 (USD) $420 (USD)
Expenditures on healthcare Government: 71%
Private: 29%
Government: 52%
Private: 48%
Government: 56%
Private: 44%
Size of medical device market (USD) $6.2 billion (USD) $4 billion (USD - 2014) $8.7 billion (USD)
Number of hospital beds 2.7 per 1000 people 1.5 per 1000 people 3.8 per 1000 people
Age distribution 0-14 years: 15%
15-64 years: 67%
65 years and over: 18% (2015 est.)
0-14 years: 28%
15-64 years: 65%
65 years and over: 7% (2015 est.)
0-14 years: 17%
15-64 years: 73%
65 years and over: 10% (2015 est.)
Life expectancy at birth Male: 79 years
Female: 85 years
Male: 73 years
Female: 79 years
Male: 73 years
Female: 78 years
Currency Canadian dollar Mexican peso Renminbi yuan (¥)

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