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Writing User Interface Requirements for Medical Devices

Learn about best practices for writing user interface requirements.

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Overview: How to write UI requirements for medical devices

The webinar presenters and co-authors of User Interface Requirements for Medical Devices, Erin Davis and Michael Wiklund offer tips on writing high-quality user interface requirements and common pitfalls to avoid. Davis and Wiklund demonstrate how to make sure each requirement is written in a manner that helps create a safe, effective and appealing user interface design solution. In parallel, designers and engineers are able to explore a wide range of design possibilities before committing to the optimal choice.

Webinar date

Dec. 6, 2022


Michael Wiklund, MS, CHFP, general manager (HFR&D)
Erin Davis, MS, CHFP, associate research director

User interface design specifications for medical devices

Audience members learn about the extensive benefits of writing a comprehensive set of user interface requirements that can then serve to accelerate user interface design efforts and avoid time-consuming and expensive rework. They also learn about problems that can arise when user interface requirements are incomplete and/or incorrect, thereby failing to promote user interface design excellence.

Following the webinar, attendees should be better prepared to confidently write their own high-quality user interface requirements.

Medical device UI strategies overview

  • Sample user interface requirements from various device types.
  • Improvement strategies for weak user interface requirements.
  • Tips to ensure requirements can be verified.


Human factors webinar presenters

Michael Wiklund, MS, CHFP, general manager (HFR&D), Emergo by UL
Co-author: User Interface Requirements for Medical Devices

Michael Wiklund is General Manager of Emergo by UL’s Human Factors Research & Design team, which is the largest, global consulting practice focused on medical technology. He is a board-certified Human Factors professional. He is also serves as a professor at Tufts University, where he has taught Human Factors for over 30 years, focusing the university’s program on the application of Human Factors to medical technology. He has been a major contributor to several US and international standards on human factors, including IEC 62366-1, IEC 62366-2, AAMI HE75 and more. Wiklund is author, co-author and editor of multiple books on human factors.

Erin Davis, MS, CHFP, associate research director, Emergo by UL
Co-author: User Interface Requirements for Medical Devices

Erin Davis is an Associate Research Director with Emergo by UL’s Human Factors Research & Design (HFR&D) team. She has a decade of experience delivering HFE services to the medical device, pharmaceutical, scientific instrument, and laboratory equipment industries. A board-certified Human Factors professional, Davis leads and oversees research and analysis activities such as early-stage user research, usability testing and residual risk analysis. Davis teaches workshops on a wide variety of HFE topics and advises on training for HFE professionals. Davis is co-author of two books: Medical Device Use Error—Root Cause Analysis and User Interface Requirements for Medical Devices.

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