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Introduction to Saudi Arabia's Medical Device Approval Process
Saudi Arabia is one of the world's top 20 global economies. It has close to 29 million people, and about 95% of its market is supplied by imports.
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Introduction to Singapore's Medical Device Registration Process
Singapore is one of South East Asia's most lucrative device markets. With 5.4 million residents, Singapore is small but spends more on healthcare
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In Depth: South Korea Medical Device Approval and Compliance
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Introduction to South Korea Medical Device Approval Process
With 50 million residents and high per capita spending on healthcare, South Korea is one of the largest Asian healthcare markets, roughly equal in
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Introduction to Taiwan's Medical Device Approval Process
Taiwan has an aging population of 23 million people, and 75% of the goods on the market are imported. Interested in importing to this market? This
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In Depth: Taiwan Medical Device Approval and Compliance
Interested in selling your medical device in Taiwan? If so, there are important steps you need to follow to comply with medical device regulations in
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In Depth: The US FDA 510(k) Clearance Process
You've done the hard work of classifying your product in the US - now it's time to get FDA clearance and start selling your device. But to sell a
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Introduction to US FDA Medical Device Regulatory Process
Video explains the process of complying with FDA regulations for medical devices.
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Introduction to the UDI System in the USA
The FDA established a unique device identification system to identify medical devices through their distribution and use. It affects all medical
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