Jan 10, 2011

Some of the medical device industry’s biggest manufacturers intend to step up acquisitions in order to expand their product lines in 2011. Following $10 billion worth of deals last year, 2011 should see an even greater number of industry buyouts, according to a new report in the Start Tribune. For companies such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson, annual revenue growth rates have fallen from double to single digits between 2004 and 2010 due to lukewarm economic indicators, maturing markets and sagging product pipelines, factoring heavily in their acquisition-driven business strategies. In addition, FDA approval processes have grown more challenging, affecting large-tier manufacturers’ build-or-buy decisions. Accordingly, small-cap manufacturers whose products have already earned FDA approval should face stronger buyout prospects than firms still pursuing product clearance. Small-cap device makers focused on areas including minimally invasive heart valves, ear, nose and throat ailments and high blood pressure pose particularly attractive targets for acquisitive firms, according to the Star Tribune.


  • Stewart Eisenhart