Jan 8, 2018


  • Chinese medical device market regulators at the CFDA have published new and updated regulations covering clinical trial requirements, mobile medical technologies and device testing issues.
  • The updates include technical guidance on clinical trial designs and mobile medical devices, as well as a notice on funding for local-level device testing centers.

China CFDA updates on medical device clinical trial design, test centers and mobile medical technologies 2018The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has announced new and updated regulations for medical device registration, testing and clinical trial requirements in the early days of 2018.

The regulator’s latest batch of updates includes medical device clinical trial design, in-country device testing and mobile medical devices, according to Emergo consultants in Hong Kong.

Clinical trial design guidelines

First, CFDA has issued new technical guidance (link in Chinese) for clinical trial designs. The new guidance includes information regarding selection of study endpoints, methods for calculating sample sizes and related study design considerations.

Mobile medical device registrations

Second, new technical guidance (link in Chinese) has been issued to clarify what CFDA considers mobile medical devices. According to CFDA, “mobile medical device” refers to software and equipment that utilize non-invasive mobile computing terminals such as handheld smartphones and tablets, wearables as well as commercial off-the-shelf technologies to perform medical functions.

Funding for in-country testing of medical devices

Next, a new CFDA notice (link in Chinese) was published in late 2017 for the agency’s local-level offices and device testing centers; the notice advises the following:

  • Local CFDA branches should request financial support from local governments to support registration testing activities
  • Local CFDA branches should provide support for test centers
  • Test centers should accept applications from other provinces
  • Testing timelines should be clarified and confirmed in contracts
  • Test centers should issue results within reasonable timeframes

This clarification follows a shift in CFDA policy in 2017 in which medical device registrants were no longer assessed testing fees; issues including delayed testing timeframes and some local test centers no longer accepting applications from foreign registrants have arisen since this policy shift, so the new notice may help address these discrepancies.

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  • Stewart Eisenhart