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Usability Testing Training Course

Understand usability testing and its key objectives, the differences between various usability tests, and the steps required to conduct usability testing. Sign up for courses on our HFE software platform, OPUS™.

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Conducting usability testing for medical devices

About this course

Usability testing of medical products calls for representative users to perform tasks with a given product to assess its interactive qualities. Desirable interactive qualities include such attributes as ease of learning, ease of use, and ease of avoiding and recovering from a use error. The primary goal of a usability test is to assess whether users can operate a given product safely and effectively. 

This course describes usability testing and its key objectives, explains the differences between different types of usability tests, and details the steps required to conduct a usability test. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to (1) define usability testing, (2) describe key usability testing objectives, (3) describe the difference between formative and HF validation usability tests, and (4) explain the steps involved in planning a test, recruiting participants, conducting the test, and reporting test findings.


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