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Taiwan Agent Representation for Medical Device Companies

Taiwan Agent support for medical device manufacturers with no office in Taiwan.

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  • Do foreign manufacturers need in-country representation in Taiwan?
  • What are the requirements of a Taiwan Agent?
  • Can we choose a device distributor as our Taiwan Agent?

The Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) requires medical device and IVD manufacturers with no office in Taiwan to appoint an in-country regulatory representative, referred to as a Taiwan Agent.

Taiwan agent qualifications, role, and responsibilities

Your Taiwan Agent must have a legal entity established in Taiwan, certified with both a Business License and a Medical Device Business Permit. Your Agent will:

  • Submit all registration documentation to the TFDA on your behalf
  • Assist with obtaining the Quality System Documentation (QSD) Certificate (required for Class II and III devices, and some Class I)
  • Serve as a regulatory liaison between you and the TFDA
  • Oversee Serious Adverse Event (SAE) reporting for your device, if necessary
  • Assist with maintaining your QSD Certificate and device registration

Once your product has been approved by the TFDA, your Taiwan Agent will hold your medical device registration, known in Taiwan as a Registration License. Your Taiwan Agent is also responsible for filing the required Import Authorization requests to the TFDA for each distributor. For this reason, we recommend selecting an independent regulatory representative to serve as your Taiwan Agent, instead of a distributor.

Please read our article on the benefits of independent regulatory representation.

Choose Emergo as your independent Taiwan agent for regulatory representation

From our office in Taipei, Emergo has the resources and expertise to act as your independent Taiwan Agent and fully support your TFDA medical device registration and QSD Certificate. Here’s how we can help:

  • As your Taiwan Agent, we will coordinate and submit all documentation required for registration, while communicating with the TFDA on your behalf.
  • We will provide guidance on the QSD application process, including the different QSD routes and how to update your quality system to comply with the Taiwanese regulation.
  • We will assist with any SAE reporting or device recalls, if necessary.
  • We will assist with the TFDA registration renewal process (every 5 years) as well as the QSD renewal process (every 3 years), if required.
  • Because we focus on regulatory compliance, we will keep up to date on potential changes in Taiwan that may affect your devices.
  • Our experienced consultants stay up to date on the latest TFDA medical device regulations to ensure that you experience a smooth and efficient registration process.

Please contact us for more information on our Taiwan Agent representation service.

Frequently asked questions

Does my Taiwan agent need to appear on the labeling?
Yes, the Taiwan Agent’s name and address must be included on the label, along with the registration number. The distributor will also usually add their information with a sticker.

Is ISO 13485 required?
Technically, no. However, for manufacturers located outside of the United States (US) and Japan, an on-site audit by the TFDA is the only alternative to providing an ISO 13485 certificate for the QSD application. US companies can alternatively submit a Certificate to Foreign Government (CFG) issued by the US Food and Drug Administration. Japanese manufacturers can alternatively submit their Japanese Quality Management System audit report and certification issued by the Japan Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency or Registered Certification Body, as applicable.

Can registration certificates be transferred?
Yes, registrations can be transferred to a new Taiwan Agent as long as the original Agent cooperates, as the request must be submitted jointly by both Agents. Additionally, the Registration Licensecan be transferred simultaneously with the QSD Certificate.


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