Jan 17, 2011

According to new research from Kalorama Information, the point-of-care testing market reached $13.3 billion worldwide in 2009—nearly doubling in size from 2003. Kalorama expects the POC device market to continue growing at a healthy six-percent rate through 2014, thanks primarily to demand for glucose self-testing products by diabetics as well as professional demand for critical care and cardiac marker devices. POC tests’ share of the combined US and European IVD market has also grown from 25% in 2003 to 30% in 2009. The Kalorama report characterizes the POC testing market as highly diversified; more than 70 individual firms participate in the market, but only 27 of these companies controlled 94% of that market in 2009 following consolidation as well as the dominance of Alere as a POC device vendor.


  • Stewart Eisenhart