Importing Medical Devices into Mexico

The COFEPRIS registration process is complete and you are clear to sell your medical device or IVD in Mexico. But there is still plenty of paperwork ahead of you. Mexico's importation process comes with plenty of challenges. If you don't follow the appropriate procedures, you could encounter expensive delays and customs issues.

This white paper explores Mexico's importation process in greater detail. We'll answer your biggest questions about how to smoothly and successfully import medical devices to Mexico, including:

  • What is the Harmonized System code?
  • What documentation is required with our shipments?
  • Which import permit category should we pursue?
  • What challenges could we face during the importation process?

Learn all this and more in this 7-page white paper.

About the Authors

Pedro Omar Sánchez Neri
is Operations Manager for Emergo's office in Mexico. With more than five years of experience in regulatory affairs, his areas of expertise include medical device and consumer products regulation in Mexico and Latin America. Mr. Sánchez has chemical engineering and chemical science studies from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.