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Known Problems Analysis

Learn how to conduct a known problems analysis (KPA) to discover previous errors and gain actionable knowledge intended to eliminate use error vulnerabilities in new products. Sign up for courses on our HFE software platform, OPUS™.

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About this course

A known problems analysis, or “KPA” for short, is a structured initiative to learn from the past. It enables manufacturers to consider how products similar to the one being developed have failed, and what mistakes people have made when using the products. 

This course explains how KPAs fit into the HFE process and describes the steps to scope, perform, and report the results of a KPA. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: (1) define known problem analysis, (2) describe the importance of a KPA during the development process, (3) explain the steps required to conduct a KPA, and (4) list the steps required to report KPA findings.


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