Czech Republic – Overview of device industry and healthcare statistics

Below you will find basic demographic and economic data for the Czech Republic, plus specific information about the country's medical device and healthcare industries.

Czech medical device industry: The Czech Republic's medical device market is going strong. It was valued at US $1.48 billion in 2016, up from US $1.37 billion in 2015. The Czech market is still relatively small compared to other European markets, particularly Germany, the UK, and France. But it is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe thanks to its strong currency.

The domestic device manufacturing market has also matured in recent years. Even though most medical devices used in the Czech healthcare system are imported, domestic manufacturers are more competitive now than ever. However, most devices designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic are exported to other markets.

Opportunities in the Czech market: The Czech population is living longer and dealing with more chronic and lifestyle-related illness. As a result, healthcare costs in the country have spiked. There is a great demand for innovative products that improve efficiency and health outcomes, but that are also cost-effective. Products in these categories are in highest demand: mini invasive surgery systems, video endoscopes, digital image processing, high-end ultrasounds, home-care equipment, and more.

Industry challenges in Czech Republic: The Czech healthcare industry relies on imported devices, but competition among importers is high. The market is dominated by imports from other European markets, like the UK and Germany, and by US manufacturers. The regulatory system is receptive to new products and manufacturers; however, getting your products on the Czech reimbursement system can be time consuming.

How the Czech Republic compares to other markets

Population 10,644,842 8,121,830 80,854,408
Primary language(s) Czech German German
Total healthcare spending $15 billion $78.6 billion $437 billion
Healthcare expenditures total (% of GDP) 7.4% 11.7% 11.3%
Healthcare expenditures per capita $1379 (USD) $9674 (USD) $5411 (USD)
Expenditures on healthcare Government: 79%
Private: 21%
Government: 66%
Private: 34%
Government: 77%
Private: 23%
Size of medical device market (USD) $1.48 billion (USD – 2016) $3.5 billion (USD – 2014) $26 billion (USD – 2014)
Number of hospital beds 2.7 per 1000 people 5 per 1000 people 8.2 per 1000 people
Age distribution 0-14 years: 15%
15-64 years: 67%
65 years and over: 18% (2015 est.)
0-14 years: 15%
15-64 years: 67%
65 years and over: 18% (2015 est.)
0-14 years: 13%
15-64 years: 66%
65 years and over: 21% (2015 est.)
Life expectancy at birth Male: 76 years
Female: 82 years
Male: 80 years
Female: 85 years
Male: 78 years
Female: 83 years
Currency Koruny Swiss franc Euro (€)

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