Sweden – Overview of medical device industry and healthcare statistics

Below you will find basic demographic and economic data for Sweden, plus specific information about the country's medical device and healthcare industries.

Swedish medical device industry: Sweden's medical device market experienced a downturn in 2015. But it is expected to grow overall through 2019. The Swedish market was valued at US $2.2 billion in 2016, up from US $2 billion in 2015. Sweden's population is only 11 million - but healthcare spending is high and many exporters regard it as Europe's distribution gateway.

The medical device manufacturing industry in Sweden is relatively small and employs approximately 18,000 people. Domestic manufacturers are small to mid-sized companies, but many multinational medical device companies maintain subsidiaries in Sweden.

Opportunities in the Swedish market: Healthcare spending per capita is high in Sweden – almost $5000 USD – and it is home to a large aging population – 18% of Swedes are over 65. As such, the local healthcare industry is receptive to innovative technologies that are effective at treating and mitigating chronic and age-related diseases. There is consistent demand for diabetes products, user-friendly home care, orthopedic and implantable devices, minimally-/non-invasive equipment, and e-health products.

Industry challenges in Sweden: The Swedish medical device market proves resilient amidst the economic challenges affecting much of Europe. However, government cutbacks will slow market growth slightly, despite the increased demand for innovative technologies due to Sweden's aging population. The most successful devices will deliver innovation and strong health outcomes at a relatively low cost.

How Sweden compares to other markets

Population 9,801,616 8,121,830 80,854,408
Primary language(s) Swedish German German
Total healthcare spending $55 billion $78.6 billion $437 billion
Healthcare expenditures total (% of GDP) 11.9% 11.7% 11.3%
Healthcare expenditures per capita $6808 (USD) $9674 (USD) $5411 (USD)
Expenditures on healthcare Government: 84%
Private: 16%
Government: 66%
Private: 34%
Government: 77%
Private: 23%
Size of medical device market (USD) $2.6 billion (USD – 2014) $3.5 billion (USD – 2014) $26 billion (USD – 2014)
Number of hospital beds 2.7 per 1000 people 5 per 1000 people 8.2 per 1000 people
Age distribution 0-14 years: 17%
15-64 years: 63%
65 years and over: 20% (2015 est.)
0-14 years: 15%
15-64 years: 67%
65 years and over: 18% (2015 est.)
0-14 years: 13%
15-64 years: 66%
65 years and over: 21% (2015 est.)
Life expectancy at birth Male: 80 years
Female: 84 years
Male: 80 years
Female: 85 years
Male: 78 years
Female: 83 years
Currency Swedish krona Swiss franc Euro (€)

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