How device companies can prepare for a no-deal Brexit

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How device companies can prepare for a no-deal BrexitAs Brexit Day approaches, the outcome of the UK’s planned withdrawal from the EU seems more uncertain than ever. One thing is definitive: a no-deal (or Cliff Edge) Brexit would bring serious, immediate consequences for all industries operating cross-channel—especially the medical device industry.

However, you can take steps now to mitigate the impact to your company if a no-deal Brexit becomes reality. In this white paper, Emergo’s leading European compliance expert examines how a hard border between the UK and EU could affect the device industry and what manufacturers, patients, and health care providers can do to prepare. You will learn:

  • potential Brexit scenarios and what they mean,
  • the likelihood of a no-deal (or Cliff Edge Brexit),
  • how a no-deal Brexit could affect distribution, supply, and operations,
  • what Brexit means for Notified Body and in-country representative relationships,
  • how Brexit will impact regulatory authorities and Economic Operator roles,
  • steps you can take to prepare for Brexit.

Learn all this and more in this 16-page white paper. Click the Download button below to email the file to yourself.