Nov 20, 2019

Brazilian medical device market regulator ANVISA has outlined several near- and long-term oversight priorities pertaining to post-registration requirements, software as a medical device (SaMD), Unique Device Identification and other issues.

ANVISA announced these priorities during an event in early November commemorating 20 years of medical device regulation in Brazil; Emergo by UL consultants in Brazil attended the event and provided the following details.

Focus on post-market device modification requirements

First, ANVISA plans to publish a public consultation in 2019 to establish a new three-tier system for managing submissions of modification applications that manufacturers of Class II, III and IV devices must provide when proposing changes to their products.

  • Required modification: These changes require petitioning, technical review and publication in order to be implemented. Major impact changes such as different raw materials would fall under this category.
  • Express implementation: Low-risk changes may be implemented immediately; however, these modifications still require petitioning and should be published in Brazil’s Official Gazette even though technical reviews are not required. Changes in commercial names, for example, fall under this category.
  • Not reportable: Changes that do not require petitioning; a change of technical manager, for example, qualifies as a not-reportable modification.

Key ANVISA regulatory priorities for 2020 and beyond

Along with ANVISA’s planned change application system, the agency also listed several short- and long-term medical device regulatory priorities it plans to pursue. Key targets include:

  • Issuing a public consultation for the agency’s regulatory approach to SaMD;
  • Revisions to INMETRO Ordinance 54/16 as well as RDC 25/01 and RDC 156/06 pertaining to used and refurbished medical devices;
  • Updates to the Normative Instruction on electromagnetic compliance certification;
  • Launching a new product labeling and instructions for use uploading system to replace VisaDoc;
  • Implementing a UDI system encompassing all of the Brazilian medical device sector.

Emergo by UL will provide further updates on these initiatives as ANVISA makes them available.

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  • Stewart Eisenhart