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Avanos Medical Inc.: ON-Q pump with SELECT-A-FLOW

Learn how our Human Factors Research & Design team helped Avanos Medical's ON-Q pump with SELECT-A-FLOW with user interface design, formative usability testing and HF validation testing.

ON-Q pump with SELECT-A-FLOW

Name of device

ON-Q pump with SELECT-A-FLOW variable rate controller


Avanos Medical needed to modify the device's user interface to increase intuitiveness with a goal of improving the likelihood that users perform critical tasks correctly and with ease. In addition, HFR&D worked with Avanos to iteratively evaluate the evolving user interface design to help ensure the final device's safe and effective use.


We presented initial design concepts that reflected hardware user interface changes that were intended to improve the device's intuitiveness and use-safety. Avanos' in-house engineering team prototyped two concepts, which we evaluated during a formative usability test. We analyzed the formative test results, identified the strengths and drawbacks of both concepts, and ultimately recommended a revised concept. We conducted a pre-validation test during which we identified a few additional opportunities to improve the revised concept as well as the instructions for use. Once the design was finalized, we conducted an HF validation usability test, which confirmed that the three intended user groups could use the device safely and effectively.


As a result of our iterative usability testing, Avanos felt confident that the new design would be used safely and effectively once marketed. Avanos' dedication to applying a user-centered design approach helped ensure the new design was highly intuitive, which ultimately enables the device's users to focus on patient care.

Trust built on industry knowledge and first-hand experience

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"Integrating UL into our project team was seamless. They provided in-depth expertise in both Human Factors and Design making this project effortless."

Avanos Medical Inc.


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