How ISO 13485:2016 Impacts Medical Device Companies

Impact of ISO 13485:2016 white paper

In this white paper, get answers about ISO 13485:2016, what it takes to obtain your certificate, and more.

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ISO 13485:2016 provides an international standard that can be truly harmonized across multiple regions and regulatory requirements. But it also introduces notable QMS changes, particularly in the area of risk management. In this 16-page white paper, we answer your biggest questions about ISO 13485:2016, including:

  • Overview of the update to the new standard
  • Breakdown of what has changed in each section
  • Guidelines on how to prepare for the new standard
  • Deadline for recertification
  • Requirements for recertification
  • Considerations for timing the update and recertfication

Learn all this and more in this white paper.